dutch design rugs, for your living room

living room Rugs

Contemporary interiors and Pinterest go hand in hand. The living room rugs of Cityscapes fit these interiors like a glove. They combine the industrial geometric forms with the softness of wool felt. Pin them, match them to your wishes and order them. Cityscapes are made for any home and any living room. So what are you waiting for? 

Create your own living room rug

Looking for something custom made? Create your own living room rug! You can combine multiple colors or just stick to one. See what best matches your style, and puzzle the pieces together. Cityscapes are made to fit any interior. Industrial or modern, living or bedrooms, homes or office spaces, Cityscapes are the foundation to your styling. 


Circular living room rugs

Circular living room rugs are rugs with a story. They can either come from army or flight attendants uniforms, or from recycled clothes. Either way, your Cityscapes will have a whole history before landing on your floor. These carpet tiles are curated by i-did_slow fashion_movement. 


  • Sound absorbing 
  • Insulating  
  • Flame retardent
  • 1 tile: 0,0401 m
  • 1 carpet (1,6 m2) consists of 40 tiles
  • With 50 tiles you create a carpet of 2 m2